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Gawerex Tech Ltd


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An evolution on the plane of Technology. Gawerex Tech Ltd is Crystal clear when it comes to her vision. At Gawerex Tech Ltd we are determined and obliged to do whatever it takes to get the job done while satisfying our irreplaceable list of clients... One of mandate is to be an innovative icon in the technological world. Our newest invention to further 'make life easy' is we call Thepicloc Midget Website (TMW), and this is meant to help small businesses around the world have a structured online presence where they display and promote their services while meeting their customers needs. MISSION STATEMENT To produce world class technological solutions and enhance technological ethics and standard in the public interest.. VISION STATEMENT To be a world renowned tech company.


Phase 3, Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria
- Iyabo's Place
- Melita Clinic
- Quick-Med Pharmacy

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