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National Christian Center, Abuja



The National Church of Nigeria (previously known as the National Ecumenical Centre and officially known as the National Christian Centre) is the primary Christian place of worship in Nigeria


Phase 1, Central Area, Abuja, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
- Jaiz Bank
- Sahad Stores

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david obuakudeh Rank: Anonymous | 52 years ago

Centres-Of-Diplomacy....Education for all is when justice for all has landed like a hawk because justice for all is where education for all has laded like an eagle;between criminal-justice and politicaal-justice is a JUSTICE-EDUCATION by a cup-civic-education and not by a cap-injustice-education that watches only with priviledged-criminals who do and should not pray for criminal-justice as a rationale and a justification.Right from the start this was a call on me as a CENTRE OF DIPLOMACY that could not become a dance for a centre-of-attraction nor a game for a centre-of-distraction in retrospect to these VICTIMIZING-ABUSES that do not watch but are in a SUITED-ROMANCE with these VIOLATING-CURSES that donot pray.

Economically;this political-victimization and its cultural-violation after me for decades was a mission to save our politics-systematically and culturally that could not become a SHOW FOR PRIVILEDGED-CRIMINALS who should otherwise kill our economy societally and politically.The cap of a legal-protection between the-law and the-civil-society could not DISCARD legal-justice for a CARD with the cup of a legal-shield inside the church with respect to our-legal-mandates;our-legal-dates;our-legal-opinions;our-legal-interests and our-legal-fashions.Thinking-globally and acting-locally like thinking-nationally and acting-internationally between our-diplomacy-centre-foundations and our-flying-houses with respect to our-legal-credits and our-legal-merits;it has been a local-legal-pass and this has been a global-inspirational-pass...+234-7016705456

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