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Ikorodu BRT Terminal

Bus - Train Station


BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) BRT means Bus Rapid Transit. BRT is a transport option, which relies on the use of dedicated 'interference' free segregated lanes to guarantee fast and reliable bus travel. It is a high performance public transport bus service which aims to combine bus lanes with high-quality bus stations, vehicles, amenities and branding to achieve the performance and quality of a light rail or metro system, with the flexibility, cost and simplicity of a bus system. The BRT buses run on physically segregated lanes and thus make them faster in a situation where there is traffic congestion. It is one of the several options available for tackling the huge public transport predicaments of Lagos. Advantages of a BRT system: It will reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and meet the mobility needs, particularly of the less privileged and poor masses of the Lagos metropolis. It is a roadway-based system that looks and behaves like a subway, offering high capacity rapid transit services but on dedicated lanes or city streets. Guaranty a fast and reliable travel time – When operating in exclusive running ways or dedicated lanes, BRT systems can run at faster speeds than conventional buses in regular traffic and even as fast as light rail. By offering frequent service and avoiding traffic-related delays, BRT systems can provide riders with a more reliable travel time.


Ikorodu Garage, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
Opposite Ikorodu Primary School
- Ikorodu Primary School
- Ecobank Ikorodu Garage
- Slot Ikorodu
- Ikorodu Central Mosque
- FIRS Ikorodu Branch Office

Phone Number

01- 2702778-82, 2347030040003

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Olawale Onifade Rank: Anonymous | 53 years ago

I want to make a requirement about branding of bus for advert,The price range and durations. Thanks

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